Rules to Run By

2023 Gymkhana Rules

1. The Gymkhana Event Committee, G&M Riding Club, Inc. and Orange County Park will not be responsible for any accident which may occur to any rider, driver, groom, spectator, animal or carriage at the show, nor for the loss or destruction of any article of any nature whatsoever.

2. In case a horse or pony is entered and not exhibited, the fee will be forfeited, except in the case of illness or injury. Vet certificate or doctor’s note required for a refund, subject to a $15 office handling fee. All refunds will be made by mail.

3. Health requirements: Coggins test and proof of rabies vaccination via a vet certificate or letter dated within 12 months of event date are mandatory and have to be submitted at time of registration. No exceptions!
G&M Riding club strongly recommends that all horses and ponies brought to the show ground have been vaccinated for EHV-1.

4. Release forms must be signed by all riders and a parent if under 18 years old. All adults must sign their own entry forms.

5. Any checks returned as non-negotiable will be subject to a $25 returned check fee.

6. All riders must wear appropriate clothing to include long pants, shirt, heeled boots or approved riding sneakers. T-shirts and sleeve-less shirts are acceptable. No belly shirts, halter or tank and low cut tops. Hats or helmets and button down shirts are mandatory for evening shows.

7. ASTM approved riding helmets recommended for every participant but required for all riders under 18 years old as of 1/1/2022. Helmets must be worn and correctly fitted and secured whenever the rider is mounted. No Exceptions. G&M Riding Club will not supply or fit helmets.

8. There is a $5 recovery fee for any hat that is lost in the arena. August show only.

9. No artificial aids to keep rider on the horse or feet in the stirrups will be permitted.

10. Aids such as tie downs and martingales only are accepted.

11. Excessive use of spurs, crops or over-unders will not be tolerated.

12. Equipment should always fit the rider and horse.

13. Unsound horses will be disqualified at the discretion of the Gymkhana Event Committee.

14. The Gymkhana Event Committee will dismiss any unruly horses, riders or spectators from the premises. Abusive language or behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

15. Only adults may ride stallions.

16. Three-stride rule for Walk/Trot will be enforced. 5 seconds will be added each time a trot/jog is broken (more than 3 strides at a lope).

17. Riders entering classes in which they are not eligible to compete will be dismissed and their entry fee forfeited. (For example: if you have cantered at any show you may not enter Walk/Jog classes at this show.)

18. Gymkhana point system will be 6-5-4-3-2-1

19. Points will be awarded for the same horse/rider combination. Divisions are based on the rider’s ability, not the horse’s, including those classes that have an age requirement.

20. For points to count towards year-end awards, riders must be G&M Members and must participate in at least two events and must compete in more than half of the classes offered in the division.

21. Any forms to be verified for points for any other organization must be presented to the committee before the event. The form will be completed and returned to the participant within 7-10 days.

22. Running in the gate is optional for all divisions.

23. Reruns for timer failure or equipment breakage to include bit, reins, girth or bridle. No reruns for improper fitted equipment.

24. Penalties for year-end and open divisions:
• Five seconds for each obstacle knocked over.
• Off course for any class is a No Time.
• Attempts must be made at all obstacles such as poles, etc. or no time will be given.

25. Penalties for 3D:
• There will be a NO TIME for any run during which a contestant knocks over a barrel or pole.

26. Horses refusing to enter the arena may ask for assistance, 3rd time refusal may result in disqualification from the class.

27. Spotters may be allowed in the arena during leadline, walk/jog or exhibition runs only.

28. All Exhibitions will run at the start of each class type.

29. No horses will be permitted in the refreshment area.

30. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted on the premises.

31. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.

32. All exhibitors are asked to clean after themselves.

33. In the case of any disputes, the decision of the Gymkhana Event Committee shall be final.