Open Show Divisions

Wherever feasible this horse show will be operated in accordance with
the current rules of the USEF (U.S. Equestrian Federation).
1. The Event Committee, G&M Riding Club, Inc. and Orange County Park
will not be responsible for any accidents, injuries or damages which
may occur to any person, animal, property or mode of transportation
at the show, nor for the loss or destruction of any article of any nature
2. All exhibitors are required to follow park rules.
3. Health requirements: Coggins test and proof of rabies vaccination
via a vet certificate or letter dated within 12 months of event date
are mandatory and have to be submitted at time of registration.
No exceptions!
**NOTE: G&M Riding club strongly recommends that all horses and
ponies brought to the show ground be vaccinated for EHV-1.
4. Championship points are accumulated on the SAME HORSE/RIDER
COMBINATION. Riders must compete in 2 shows to be eligible
for points to count towards year-end awards. In the event of a horse
becoming unsound, a horse may be changed with vet documentation.
5. For points to count towards year-end awards, riders must be G&M
Members, participate in at least two events and must compete in more
than ½ of the classes offered in the division.
6. All horses must be serviceably sound and free from contagious disease.
Any horse not serviceably sound will be excused at the judge or
committee’s discretion
7. The judges and committee reserve the right to dismiss any unruly horses,
exhibitors or spectators from the show grounds. No racing or fast riding
will be permitted on the grounds. No bicycle riding allowed in or around
the horse arenas or barn area.
8. Horses are not permitted in the refreshment area. No spectators near
the entrance gates. No sitting on the arena rail.
9. Any class or division with less than 2 entries may be cancelled or
combined at the discretion of the committee. The Event Committee
reserves the right to close a class. If a class is held with only one entry
(exhibitor request) a ribbon will be awarded but no points will be given.
If an entire division is run with only one entry, no Day of Champion
ribbon will be awarded.
10. In case a horse or pony is entered and not exhibited, the fee will be
forfeited, except in the case of illness or injury. Vet certificate or
doctors note required for a refund, subject to a $15 office handling fee.
All refunds will be made by mail. If an entry is scratched due to weather,
entry fees will be returned minus the office fee and EMT fee.
11. No alcoholic beverages allowed on the grounds.
12. No stallions may be shown by Beginner, Novice or Junior riders.
13. All riders must be neatly and suitably dressed in appropriate attire for
the class entered (all divisions). ASTM approved safety helmets are
recommended for all riders but is mandatory for riders under the age
of 18. Helmets must be fitted properly. No riders will be penalized for
wearing a helmet. G&M will not supply or fit helmets
14. Release forms must be signed by all riders, and a parent or legal guardian
must sign entry release forms if under 18 years old. All adults must sign
their own entry forms.
15. No boots, bell boots or martingales are permitted in Hunter Flat or
Pleasure classes. Martingales are allowed in over fences only.
16. When rings are not in use, schooling will be allowed. Warm up time will
be scheduled and announced. An ASTM approved safety helmet and
riding boots or riding sneaker are required to be worn when schooling,
competing, or riding on the grounds. Schooling for jumps is printed in
the schedule. For safety purposes all “traffic flow” during schooling
breaks will be governed by the G&M staff in the booth and/or in the
ring. All commands to be strictly enforced or riders will be excused and
their entry fees forfeited.
17. Any checks returned as non-negotiable will be subject to a $25 returned
check fee.
18. Birth certificate or other suitable proof of age is required for all riders in
the Leadline, Walk/Trot, Children’s, Short Stirrup and Junior Divisions.
19. Riders entering classes in which they are not eligible to compete will
be dismissed and their entry fee forfeited. (For example: if you have
cantered at any show you may not enter Walk/Trot classes at this show.)
20. Should any question or dispute arise not provided for in the foregoing,
the same shall be referred to the Event Committee, whose decision shall
be final.
21. All decisions of the judge are final.
22. Show ring will open at 7:00 am for schooling.
23. Advance class calls will be made. The in-gate will close 2 minutes
after the first horse enters the ring for a class. Entry fee will be
forfeited for missed classes. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to be
prepared for all classes.
24. All exhibitors are asked to clean up after themselves and their horses.
G&M Riding Club reserves the right to add, cancel or combine classes.